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Fight Unpleasant Body Odor

Each and every one of us has a distinct body odor. This body odor is a result of several different factors. You might be surprised to learn this, but the main body odor determining factor is a combination of different bacteria that are present on an individual`s body.

These bacteria usually thrive and multiply when we sweat, and this is when our smell becomes to bother others. Of course, there are some people who, thought they sweat, do not produce such body odor that bothers other people. On the other hand, there are those whose body odor can really stink, especially when they try to mask it using a strong male cologne. This is definitely something you should not do!

In the following article, we are going to go over some do`s and don`ts when it comes to your own body odor, and help you keep it from becoming too offensive.

Body Odor Do`s and Don`ts – Diet

Though our body odor will depend on many different factors – bacteria, climate, gender, mood, age etc, in today`s article, we will be largely concentrated on the diet.

Here are some dietary tips that will help you control your body odor:

  • Eat easy digestible foods – eating foods that are hard to digest may intensify your body odor, so it would be best to avoid it if you are going out to meet someone
  • Reducing spicy or pickled foods
  • Avoid consuming food that is too hot or too cold
  • Drink lots of fluid (water is always best)
  • Add green leafy vegetables to your meals
  • Eat lots of fruit (if possible replace unhealthy snacks with fruit)

Personal Hygiene

Of course, this goes without saying, but we have to mention personal hygiene – the number one way to combat unpleasant body odor (sometimes ignored!).

Ideally, you should bath every morning and, of course, wear clean clothes. This can vary, however, depending on the season and jour job. In those hot summer months, I usually bathe two times a day; in the winter, it is enough to bath once every two days.

There is also the question of shaving your armpits… Shaving this region will greatly help with the problem of body odor and sweating in general. Though men were heavily opposing this in the past, nowadays it has become widely accepted and practiced!

Final Words

There you have it! Controlling body odor is really easy and simple, and it basically comes down to common sense. Keeping yourself clean, shaved and wearing clean clothes should do the trick… and adding a sexy cologne will only seal the deal!

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