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Facts about mommy makeovers

Childbearing is a great experience to a mother but it can have great physical effects to the mom too. Mommy makeovers are surgical procedures designed to counteract or reduce the physical effects that comes with childbearing. Mommy makeover put more emphasis on two areas; the breast and the stomach region. Some of the breast procedures include;

· Breast reduction

· Augmentation of the breast

· Breast revision

· Repositioning of the nipple

On the other hand, some of the stomach/ body procedures include;

· Tummy tuck

· Rejuvenation of the skin

· Liposuction

In short, mommy makeovers are all about giving you that breast and flat tummy you once had! What are some of the facts of Mommy makeovers?

Mastopexy-breast lift
Well, you are wondering what that means? It is a biological fact that the breast will enlarge during pregnancy-to make the matters worse you have to breastfeed your child for almost a year leaving you with sagging breast! Mastopexy is one of the mommy makeover procedures and tries to replace the nipple and the sagging breast into the right position!

Breast augmentation
This mommy makeover procedure help fill the big and vacant volume –breast sag when it is not full of tissues (becomes floppy) this procedure is done through cell implants. In a situation where the breast still sags even after the augmentation one can go for the first procedure which is breast lift.

Breast reduction
It is important to note that many women have differing opinions on the ‘ideal body’ some will love a big bust while others will go for a fairly average breast. Well, all this is possible with the new mommy makeover procedures-one can go for a breast reduction too and you will actually look twenties while you have actually breastfed five children!

Tummy mommy makeover procedures
The stomach is the most affected part by both pregnancy and the process of giving birth. A pregnancy may result to deposition of more fat on the groin region as well as the stomach region which will give you a sagging stomach-you know how embarrassing that can be to a woman! A tummy tuck help place your stomach in its initial position and size prior to child bearing.

Are there effects of having a mommy makeover?
Well, this is partly a surgical procedure and can have its complications too! That is not to freak you out but to keep you alert-take an instance where you go for services of an inexperienced surgeon? It will come at a lower price but do you really expect the same results or services as those offered by a professional surgeon?

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