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Use the right type of filling to make your teeth look brighter

The use of various substances to cover the cavity of a damaged tooth has been prevalent since time immemorial. Over the years the substances that are used to cover the cavity of the tooth has undergone many changes due to the advancement of science. An alloy of mercury combined with silver was the most prevalent choice long time back for the covering of the damaged cavity of the tooth. But nowadays many other substances for replacing the covering of the previous tooth with foreign materials are now available. They are organic materials with a polymeric structure treated with plasticizer and there are also semi transparent ceramic materials which almost look like our real tooth.

The semi transparent ceramic material also called porcelain veneers are the most sought after immediate remedy for a number of problems of our teeth. Patients with broken tooth can have the same healed with little pain and also the others who have shapeless teeth or the one which is in disorder. These patients have to go to the doctor only once. The semi transparent ceramic materials used for covering the cavity  of the teeth  provides relief to people with irregular teeth and  also whose tooth has been placed over by another tooth. These semi transparent ceramic material coverings help in hiding the small space that will be visible in between the teeth.

The semi transparent ceramic materials also called porcelain veneers   are the best remedy to bring the smile on your face. They are extremely long lasting when fixed to a healthy tooth in spite of their tendency to break on their own. It has got the extra capability to withstand the blemishes occurring on the tooth. The semi transparent ceramic material almost looks similar as your normal tooth because of depiction of the original colour. The application of this semi transparent ceramic material needs some provision of the normal teeth before the covering is made.

In the process, a lean layer of the coloured glassy opaque substance in the tooth has to be taken out. If the semi transparent ceramic substance gets spoiled it cannot be amended. If you go and see the doctor within regular intervals you can preserve your covering of the cavity of your tooth. They are long lasting and serve you for a period of 20 years or above. Because they are long lasting they are quite expensive. They are available in two types for the patients to choose themselves. Organic materials having polymeric structure treated with plasticizer are used to cover the cavity of the teeth.

If there is no major problem with the normal colouring of the teeth and also for irregular teeth, the above mentioned organic materials, which are treated with plasticizer, can be fixed on the cavity of the teeth in just one sitting. The doctor need not take out any of your tooth’s entity. The organic materials having polymeric structure treated with plasticizer can be fixed directly on the tooth and moulded to acquire the necessary changes. Because of this procedure the above mentioned material is more preferred by patients as they can be amended when it gets spoiled. These materials are not very costly when compared to the semi transparent ceramic material covering.

The patient opting for the above mentioned organic material  having polymeric structure  treated with plasticizer  to cover all of his front teeth will have the benefit of  incurring the same expenditure as the  other patient  incurring  expenditure for the semi transparent ceramic material covering. But the covering made by the previous organic material treated with plasticizer will serve you only for a period of five to seven years if it is maintained with care. Mention can be made of another type of tooth fillings which is known as Dental Crowns. They are fitted on decomposed teeth to bring back the same old previous look of the face. These crowns can withstand the regular everyday grinding of the food done by the teeth. The patient can choose the crowns made of the semi transparent ceramic material combined with metal. These crowns made of semi transparent ceramic materials   will only look good for the front portion of your teeth as they will look almost real. The procedure of having a crown made of the semi transparent ceramic material involves two official visits to the doctor with a gap of one or two weeks.

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