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Are Allergies Linked To Genetically Engineered Foods?

What are allergies and how do they occur?

The body’s defense systems responds to what it views to be foreign unwanted matter called allergens which by a number of mechanisms it eventually destroys. When dealing with possibly dangerous foreign intruders its good. However, not so good when as in the case of allergies the defense systems is hypersensitive and responds needlessly by wrongfully determining substances that are harmless as dangerous and fighting them ferociously. This intense strike produces allergies leading to a whole catalog of problems ranging from sneezing, a hacky cough, drippy nose, a sore throat and scratchy eyes… or even death such as a severe asthma attack.

Examples of substances that produce allergies are:

Pollen which is a common activator as many allergy sufferers know. Besides plant pollen other air particulate matter prevails in the form of dust, insects, and mold spores. Allergens also include latex, insect stings, chemicals from cleaning products like for example triclosan and bisphenol-A (BPA)… Then there’s those common food allergies such as soy, nuts, peanuts, sesame plant seeds, egg, milk, wheat, fish (shellfish in particular) and mustard…

Allergies and genetically engineered foods

Now to complicate things proof indicates that genetically modified (GM) foods have contributed to a development of allergies. It has been said that the safety requirements are not adequate enough to neither protect us from the risks of GM foods nor identify many of the threats. A great starting point for proof of this is the book named “Genetic Roulette: The documented health risks of genetically engineered foods” by JM Smith telling many negative results related to allergies. From numerous research on individuals and animals it challenges the wrong presumptions that have been made that GM foods are safe.

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