Chiropractic Care Of Students

The end of summer season is likely to be a bittersweet time for both adults and children. While some kids go back to class hesitantly, others really look forward to new school More »

Tips for Getting Fit Quick!

Eat a balanced diet To operate at its the optimum level, your body demands the appropriate type of fuel, just like any other machine! Each day you should be looking to include More »

Employers Can Lead The Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to high BP, unhealthy diet plans and a lifestyle without exercise, South Africa has the rather dubious honor of being a world leader. According to a recent report by More »

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Most of us would love to have a wonderful, amazing smile. However, over time, our white teeth may become stained by the build up of oral plaque or the meals we eat More »

Home Emergency Medical Alert Systems

Many elderly individuals get many offers for healthcare alert systems that get connected to first responders if there’s an emergency. These systems helps elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities who stay on More »


Water: Essential For Normal Body Function

If you were to run your car without water (coolant) in the radiator, it would stop running in a few months frame. Yet people who maintain their cars continuously fail to sustain their own body radiators. And since every cell in our bodies requires water to transport vitamins, minerals, glucose, and numerous other nutrients to the most remote locations in one’s body system, not supplying one’s body system with what it needs to accomplish this task just isn’t the smart thing to do. The normal person loses about 2% of their body weight in urine and perspiration every day. If you are active, over the age of 55, large in stature, or sick, you will lose more than that.

To make sure you consume enough water, the brain has special receptors that monitor sodium levels in the blood. When the Sodium level rises, that indicates a low level in one’s body system. The brain then sends a signal which tweaks your thirst sensors and you head for the water cooler. As we get old, however, those thirst sensors become less sensitive than they were when you were younger. As a result, senior citizens do not consume as much water as they should. We all know smoking is bad for your heart. Not consuming enough water could be just as bad for your heart. And consuming sodas, coffee, or beer will not help the heart at all. Normal water will avoid kidney stones, and if you ever had to pass a kidney stone you will be a water lover for life. Men say it’s like having to pee razor blades and women say the pain is worse than the pain of giving birth. Water can keep your stools smooth which prevents constipation, the significant cause of piles, diverticular illness, hemorrhages and even avoid melanoma of the colon. So you can safely say the consumption of water in sufficient quantities plays a big part in the prevention of cancer of the colon, diverticular illness, and piles.

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